Apply to Be on the Podcast

There are thousands of business owners who have built amazing businesses! We want to give you an opportunity to share what you’ve learned through the years about how to best serve local homeowners and grow your business. Homeowners are a unique audience and we believe that our businesses are stronger when we create a community and learn from one another.


That’s why we’re looking for owners and employees of home service businesses to join us as guests to share your knowledge and tips with the community. If you’re ready to share what you’ve learned and help others grow their business, please inquire about being on our show!


We record weekly at 12 noon on Wednesdays. The recorded will be complete no later than 1:15pm. Please select a date that works with your schedule. Once you sign up, we will follow up with you with some further details! Our podcasts are recorded live so please select a date that you are certain you can be in attendance.