Past Guests

Director of Communications

Lechelle Yates

Ep. 29: The Strength of Small Businesses owner with Guest Lechelle Yates During this episode we discuss how small businesses can stay strong, unified, and continue to grow throughout COVID 19.

Director, Builder in Residence

Spencer Padgett

Ep. 28: Continue to Build For The Future with Spencer Padgett During this episode we discuss how pivoting from the “old school ways” will set you apart from your competitors.

Co-Founder and SVP of Growth

Roland Litenburg

Ep. 27: How to Use Technology to Your Advantage with Roland Litenburg During this episode we discuss resources, accessibility, and technology for home service providers.

Founder and Chief Visionary

Ivan Misner

Ep. 26: Discussing positivity, focus, and expanding your network during COVD 19 with guest Ivan Misner of BNI During this episode we are going to discuss how can businesses continue to network, virtually!

Education Director

Gerri Detweiler

Ep. 25: The role of financing as a business owner with Guest Gerri Detweiler During this episode we discussthe role of Financing as a Business Owner.

Ep. 20: The Importance of providing quality service to homeowners, with guest David Nishan During this episode we reflect on different homeowner emotions, and the role they play during more significant life decisions.

Ep. 19: The key to not losing focus in your business, featuring Will Spencer During this episode we talk about how in business, everyone is trying to get your attention and it's become incredibly difficult to stay focused! Will Spencer of JKS Incorporated unpacks how he's stayed focused for over 40 years in business.

Ep. 23: Teamwork, Time Management, and Tenacity, with guest Richard Turner of Turner Remodeling During this episode, we discuss necessary compromises as a business owner, as well as how to maintain a balance between your personal and professional career.

Branch Manager

Don Owens

Ep. 21: The impact of teamwork, and how an effective can promote and support your business 24/7 featuring Don Owens of Hamilton Group Funding. During this episode, we discuss how developing a strong team is fundamental to growing your business, and can be the backbone of your success.

Ep. 22: Staring Adversity in the Eye with Andy McKeown, owner of Carolina Custom Homes During this episode, we discuss coping with adversity, customers, and other obstacles in business.


Olivia Orme

Olivia is the Content and SEO Specialist of Nu. After dipping her toes in the world of publishing and education, she realized her one true love was creating content, and has brought her passion for writing to the Nu team. As the daughter of a small business owner, she hopes listeners gain a sense of community from the Home Service Toolbox.

Brian is the owner and CEO of Nu, a digital marketing agency. He's been in this industry helping businesses grow for 15+ years. As a father to six children (5 adopted) he has a passion for families which is why he loves helping the home service industry succeed!