Ep. 35

Simplifying Systems and Processes

with guest Leah Livingston of Pay Simple.

Brian: Well, on today’s episode, the Home Service Tool Box. We’re going to talk to Leah Livingston of Pay Simple. Pay Simple was founded to help simplify the lives of small business owners. And does that by streamlining online billing and client payments. So today we’re going to discuss house home service providers can incorporate automated systems and processes like Pay Simple into their businesses. So stay tuned for that Thirty-fifth episode of the Home Service Tool Box.

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Brian: Well, technology is great when it works. Obviously, we’re all doing this thing remote, and I don’t know if anyone saw that intro or heard that intro, but it was Skippy for me, so I apologize. Maybe we’ll get back to real life in real life and not have to wear face masks. But because we’re remote. We don’t have to wear face masks right now. So that’s really good. How is everyone doing today?

Leah: Pretty good. How about you? Hi.

Brian: We’re doing well. So you’re in Colorado. We’re in North Carolina. Obviously, we’re dealing with a crazy season of the pandemic and trying to get back to maybe some semblance of real life with business. And you’re with Pay Simple. And you guys want to simplify payments. And you were trying to do that way before the concept of a pandemic and trying to do contactless payments before it became like this phrase. So tell me a little bit about your role over at Pay Simple and what you guys do over there?

Leah: Hi. Thanks, Yes. Pay Simple. Actually, we have been in this whole contactless payment world for many years now. We’ve been around since 2005. And we help businesses, small businesses, specifically service based, get paid. And it’s quite fun because I have to say, I never thought in my life I would say I love merchant processing, but I definitely do. It is a passion that I didn’t realize I would have. The universe threw me in here. Pay Simple is an awesome company. We’ve been in Denver, Colorado. Like I said, since 2005. And we offer options for taking payments online. If you’re on the go on your phone, you need to send out traditional invoicing, helping small business owners. Get paid.

Brian: So you mentioned passion. I don’t think anyone I would ever describe anyone saying that they are passionate about merchant services. So, like. You use that like word, so I mean, I’m assuming that’s true. So tell me why. Like what? What’s so what gets you so excited about what you get to do every day?

Leah: That’s a really good question. I so I started with a simple about three years ago. I originally started as a product expert. So just helping out on the phones, learning everything about the industry and. When I got into it, it was really then that I started to realize how much of running a business goes into getting paid. Quite often these business owners did not start their business because they wanted to chase down payments or try to make sure that a payment plan is set up. They wanted to make sure that they can run their business, do what they actually love, and helping small business owners in particular is really rewarding. Because they often don’t have enough funds to hire another person that can help them. They’re wearing very many hats. And time is limited. And, you know, when you can help them make that next jump to open a new location or put 10 hours at the end of the month back into their day, that they can then focus on selling new products and services. I would say that’s actually makes me passionate about it. The fact that we get to help small business owners grow.

Olivia: I mean, I can’t think of something that’s more rewarding. I think that’s what we love about our jobs over here at New. Is Flowers’ being able to reflect that passion and give back to the home service industry? It’s just such a wonderful thing. So since you have so much passion for your job and it’s clearly been so focused on service providers, can you shed light about how that translates over the past couple months regarding COVID and maybe have you seen an uptick in users? What kind of trends have you been noticing from home service providers in particular? And can you maybe just shed some light on that?

Leah: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, we were already pretty big in the home services industry. So a really great fit for anyone in roofing, plumbing, general contractors. You need to have a card on file or have internal payment plans so that you’re not having to go to an outside financing company right at the beginning of COVID. We saw everything shut down. Like I mean, we saw that across the nation. But it was pretty quick in the first two to three weeks. We saw a major uptick in coaching and consulting specifically in the industry that lasted about a month. And then we really saw the entire home services industry as soon as they were allowed. You know, it depended on the region and the phase openings, but they’re really seeing a big increase right now. You know, people are sitting at home and they’re noticing that their line has not been had a professional redo or kind of maybe they’re eight track system. They are putting a little bit more stress on it because the whole family is at home. The kids aren’t at school all day. You’re saying, hey, maybe it’s time to replace that. The roofing industry has also seen a big uptick because, hey, I’m sitting at home of the meaning to do this and now I’m here and I can actually talk to these contractors.

Brian: Well, that’s awesome. And it is clear that you have such a passion for this and, you know, at New we are a client of Pay Simple, you know. And, you know, for our services, we do recurring billing. And as you said, we want to be in business for what we actually got in business for. Not for chasing down money and having a system in the process to be able to reoccur and take payments. Simply, we don’t even have to think about is what we were looking for. You know, we have tried all sorts of tools from QuickBooks to strike to our own Web site and there’s always been a downside. And one of the things that I love about and I’m glad you mentioned this, you know. Your system allows clients to be able to offer a payment plan without having to go through financing. And the problem with financing companies is, yes, you get the money immediately and you’re not paying. But the fees that go into that, it’s not just the credit card fee. I mean, you’re some companies are paying, you know, 10, 15 percent of the bill to offer financing. And so while there is potentially less risk there, if you had good clients and they’re good about paying, you know, using a pay simple option allows you to keep more of the money. Is that something that you find, you know, as a selling point to your services?

Leah: Absolutely. Because you have to think with these with a third party financing companies oftentimes that it’s going to be a hard credit check for that customer. And that can actually deter them from a sale. So it actually does help you increase your conversion rates quite a bit, because maybe I’ve got a sales guy who’s standing in the home. He’s about to sell a forty thousand dollar roof. But you know, the family can’t necessarily throw down a ten thousand dollar deposit today with a financing company you’re going to have to go through an additional application process, they’re going to get a credit check they might even be responsible somewhere between eight and twelve percent of that of those processing fees. And that’s not always something that you want to take on however if you do offer an internal payment option, let’s say it’s actually a returning customer, you know, this guy, you have worked with him on six other projects, he’s not going to go take out another loan for this project, but you’ve already got his card on file from the last project, you can quickly agree upon, you know, whatever payment plan you need to them, the software is really flexible so you can decide, okay, he’s going to pay me X amount every week, every first Tuesday of the month, whatever you want to do, you’re really flexible to set that up so that you really provide that

Olivia: Wow, that’s, I mean, flexibility is so important, especially in this industry. I mean, your hours. I mean, there’s no there’s no time in the day for so many business owners. So I feel like that flexibility and that freedom to really interact with your customers and give them the support they need. Need the flexibility they need when it comes to payments? That’s just incredible. Considering we’re talking about the home service industry, as I’m sure you know, a lot of business owners in this industry, sometimes they’re not flexible or willing to change or adapt to technology if they have a system and they feel like it works well enough for them considering the climate we find ourselves in and considering so many businesses have had to pivot to online payment plans or software like pay simple. What advice do you have for home service providers or business owners that are on the fence about jumping ship and switching to something more tech savvy like Pay Simple?

Leah: That’s actually pretty funny question because I would say before COVID we had so many companies is particularly in the home service industry, right Pay Simple, is not just Home Services, but we are really great fit for that told us often you know, we’ve been doing it this way for 30 years it works. And we’re not going to make the jump, or sometimes I would hear, you know, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks my wife and I’ve been doing it this way for so long and it’s just not worth the hassle. I would tell you that it is time to make the jump. And don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of technology, change can always be a little bit overwhelming. However, it’s good for you. And to be honest, you’re probably going to get left in the dust if you don’t make that change. Now, unfortunately, contactless payments its 00.12.36 inaudible) the or moving over and might be left behind if you’re not writing flexible payment, is you have to think you’re paying customer nowadays, it’s now moving into that millennial generation. It’s not the older guys who never who never used mobile payments before. It’s a now a generation that expects it and so if you want to stay in business? I would say kind of get with the times.

Brian: I think that’s exactly the message that people need to hear. So, you know, we’ve been talking about fees. And obviously, by providing an in house payment plan, you can even limit fees even further than offering a finance system. But one of the things that really drew us to Pay Simple was using ACH option. So we wanted a situation where someone did you know, QuickBooks offers in ACH situation, but they don’t do it recurring. And so, 90% of our clients do ACH. And the benefit of that for us as a customer, as a provider, is we get to keep more of the money. And we actually tell our clients by doing that we’re able to provide more value of a service because we’re not sending off all you know, a portion of their money to credit card providers. So, talk to us a little bit about the ACH option. For those that aren’t familiar.

Leah: That’s an awesome question. So that’s what’s really fun about pay simple is that not only can you accept credit cards through the platform, you can accept a ACH payments. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and rather than grabbing the credit card number of your customer, you would grab the routing and account number from their bank. And in these instances, you’re absolutely right it is less expensive in processing fees in general to (14:35.808 inaudible) take any ACH he is at an account numbers rarely change whereas credit card numbers expire or credit cards get lost and then a new one needs to be mailed out to that customer and then you have to get a new credit card number on file. And it really depends on what the transaction is depends on your customer depends on how well you know them of which one is going to be a better one for you to go for. I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you that if you want to know a little bit more, definitely give me a call because I can talk for hours about these things. And I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of like rates and all that kind of stuff right here.

Brian: But ACH is significantly lower a cost than credit card billing.
Leah: I would say like, in general, it’s probably going to be a comparison, you can say, a credit card, is going to typically run around 3%, whereas an ACH transaction is going to run anywhere between like point five to 1%. So it is a significant difference.

Brian: Huge difference, especially when you’re dealing with large transactions. You know, you mentioned the $40,000 roof, you know, 1% versus 3%. I mean, that’s a I am not a math whiz, but I mean, that’s, a few thousand dollars, probably, if I was doing the math, right, so awesome.

Olivia: That’s incredible, and as someone who’s definitely not a math person. I do know numbers do all the talking. But as a content writer, I tend to shy away from all of those sorts of things. So kind of going back to how Pay Simple can help not just business owners, but customers, can you may be shed some light on how, as a business owner, you can keep track of, like different client management resources or other really cool practices by using Pay Sample?

Leah: Yeah, that’s some that’s something that people don’t really think about when they’re looking for a merchant processing company is a lot of times I just need a terminal, right? I just need some way that I can swipe a credit card, where there are so many systems out there today that offer an all in one solution. And that’s actually something that I would really encourage people to think about, especially right now in during COVID. It’s slowed down so it gives you the opportunity to really look at the foundation of your business, where can I cut costs where Can I streamline Where can I make myself more lean so that I don’t have so many running costs each month, Pay Simple is really cool, especially for a small business owner, because not only do you have these flexible options to get paid, but there’s a CRM system included in there so that you can take notes on your customers. We’ve also got an extensive reporting system inside of that, you know, that payment data is extremely valuable. And along with an integration with we have MailChimp and Constant Contact, you have the opportunity to use that valuable payment data to send more targeted marketing campaigns. And making sure that we really get to your ideal client rather than just talking to everybody really saves you a lot of time and can reduce the time from lead to new sale. And we’ve also got an integration with QuickBooks is really nice so that we can send all of your accounts receivables over into QuickBooks so that you’re not having to use two systems again, you do have a second system because I’ve got Everything for my accounting, but I’m not having to manually enter everything. It’s just coming in and I can approve those payments. So consolidating systems as much as you can, I think is really, really important, especially today.

Brian: Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned the QuickBooks integration, because, you know, most people are like, Oh, another system. But that integration, you know, makes that process seamless. So one of the things that we use, is the fact that we can create payments online and send people the ability to pay without having to be, you know, we have clients all over the nation, we don’t, you know, talk to them and see them in person often so we’re able to send that and so that means that we can accept payments 24 seven, and so, for a business owner, you know, we live busy lives, and unfortunately and sometimes the business owner is not dealing with like the business stuff until like late at night. And so if I have to request payment from a client of mine, and I’m trying to get them on the phone or get them in person, like I’m interrupting their day, but the fact that I can send them a text message or an email with a payment link, and they can pay at their leisure, and I can wake up in the morning and have X number of dollars in my bank account, because they done it at their time. I mean, that makes the process so much easier, not only for the consumer, but for me as their service provider. And I’m assuming that’s a big win for, you know, your consumers and your customer. Is that correct?

Leah: Oh, absolutely. I mean, you got to think especially in the home services industry, how quote on quote old school things have been until now so often you had a guy. Let’s say it’s a GC right? So we had our initial deposit got that no problem with a check and then potential Had a second and third payments for labour materials and then we got through and we’re doing the CO at the end. And I need to get that last payment. Oftentimes, you’re walking around with somebody that might not have the check book, you know, that’s back at the office. And so it would be really nice if you can just then give him a call. Hey, we just did the walkthrough. Everything looks great. If you can jump onto the Web site right now, we’ve got the form link right there. And you can make that payment whenever or hey, I just texted you over the link if you could just make that payment. But I would always suggest if you can get that card or bank account information on file in the deposit, then you never have to talk to him again because you can just run that at your leisure. When you as a business owner are let’s say it’s eleven o’clock at night and I’m trying to do all my extra business. I don’t even have to chase anybody down if I can just run that payment on my own.

Brian: That last statement, I mean, that’s incredible for us because, you know, and we work with recurring clients. And so, you know, sometimes the client will increase their budget or do something special. And once they approve that, we already have their billing stuff and we have to confirm that it’s OK and we press pay. And just last night we the client was asking, you know, they need to make an increase. And they got the email notification that it was increased and they were just confirming everything, you know. And so I’m so glad you brought that piece up because, I mean, that’s an incredibly powerful tool for us. Obviously, we’re not going to abuse that because we can’t take people’s money if they don’t give us approval. I mean, we could, but then we’d be in big trouble. But being able to have that, you know, as a flexible option, you know, makes the administration piece so much easier for us as a business. And we’re actually able to do the work that our client wants us to do versus dealing and chasing back and forth for money.

Olivia: Bryan is all about making things simple and easy.

Brian: ‘I’m telling you. I chased money for years. I mean. And, you know, it is especially so. But our recurring revenue is large sums. But we also have hosting payments and hosting payments or thirty or forty dollars a month. Dollars a month. And, you know, trying. When we used to have hundreds of website clients before we kind of made a pivot and tried to chase that for hundreds of clients every month is just the pain. I need to be straight up honest. And so you saved our life by creating a process that could be simple. And when we’ve tried all the different tools, we didn’t work with pay simple for probably two or three years now. And don’t plan to change. But I’ll jump in with one more thing. I remember when I joined Pay Simple. I did not know that you guys can negotiate rates based upon value. And maybe I should’ve known that being a business owner. But I certainly didn’t. And you guys help me save money on the credit card fees because of the volume that we were doing with the previous company.

Leah: That makes me so happy to hear you say that we’ve made your life easier. That is exactly I have to admit, I actually left Pay Simple. I thought I wanted to move to the mountains and I came back. I really love this company so much because I hear stories like this all the time and I want to be doing a job where I’m actually helping people make their lives easier. And it is not just a gimmick that we say that where it’s an end. We’re not even here to just help you get paid? If you’ll notice on our blog, we offer a lot of educational content as well, because if we can help you grow your business. Obviously, that helps us. But it’s just really cool when we hear these stories about, you know, I used to spend 15 hours at the end of every month reconciling all these payments, chasing it down. Sometimes I just never got paid. And then they’re like, I don’t even think about it anymore. All of a sudden, all this money is my bank account and I was able to open a second a third location. That’s like what’s the best thing in the world? I love it.

Brian: So you mentioned that this is your blog. Any specific resources that you want to know this that you’re excited about, that you guys put out recently.

Leah: There’s a lot, we have a COVID resource page specifically so the blog is going to have little highlight to it if you want to just check that area. The COVID resource area on the page is we can send that out at the end. If anyone’s interested, I’m also I’d love to have a chat with anybody that has questions about it. We’ve been able. The reason? So if you have a question especially very passionate about making sure that people are surviving this time, I know the first few weeks it was kind of like, OK, some people have some savings up front and some people don’t. But there are a lot of tricks that you can look into. And a lot of a lot of ways that you can streamline the business, that you will be able to survive and you’ll thrive afterwards. We’d love to help you with that.

Olivia: I mean, COVID content I have to say, it’s held so much value for so many business owners and home service providers, and the fact that you guys still have that up because as easy as it is for us to slip back into the, oh, we just have to wear our face masks things are being reopened it’s still lingering over our heads, like that dark storm cloud in the corner that you know hasn’t cleared up yet so the fact that you guys are still promoting that content and being an active and conscious resource for your users is just incredible. And that’s something that I’ve noticed so many brands, like in terms of retail, they’re still trying to maintain that sense of reassurance. Normalises of the fact that you’re doing that for your customer base is just huge and everyone should still be doing that as well. So on to kind of pivot to more about you and your passion, can you share a little bit about what you’ve learned, not just about home service providers, but maybe about service providers in general that helps you do your job so passionately and continue to express that passion in your work life?

Leah: Oh, that’s a hard question. You know, I have to admit, I feel like I was just a young little girl that didn’t know much about anything. That’s when I started it. Bill and. Had the opportunity to interact with so many people, they have been the teachers, not just our customers, but also everyone at Pay Simple is so willing to share information and it’s such a collaborative environment across stakeholders. So that’s within the company and then also with our customers. We’re always trying to get feedback and learn how we can improve the product. But I feel the same has been true for me. I ask questions and people give answers. And, you know, small business owners are the best. It’s not a really stiff, boring environment. You get to talk to a real person that is very passionate about whatever service they’re providing. And that’s inspiring every day. And it has it has made me more excited about the job just because we are all in this together. COVID has really that’s been sort of the recurring theme, but it’s been really, really amazing over the past few months in particular to see how we’re going to survive. It’s been a really scary time. It has been a very weird year economically and just in general, as we all know, but truly as humans we are a really great society working together. And it’s just been really fun, especially in the home services industry, watching everybody improve their technologies, just clean-up operations and just be excited about the future. What lies ahead?

Brian: So if I’m sure when you bring on a new customer to Pay Pimple, they’re a kind of a few common denominators that they have like an AHA moment, or you show them something that they did not realize. Could be whether some of the things that that home or the service providers learn about the payment process that really just adds value to their own business that they were not really expecting when they join the Pay Simple community.

Leah: You know, probably to value your time. I think a lot of people, especially as a small business owner, you get caught up in the numbers because a lot of times you have to the budget. You’re just barely making it by in the beginning. Or I. My margins are tight and I can’t quite hire somebody else. But I got to make this work. It can be scary to add on a new a new platform, a new software, because it is an extra added cost for each month. But what time does that give you? What time do you get back into your day that you can then focus on other aspects of the business? I think a lot of people realize, like, wow, I didn’t even know I was missing, like all of this. And now I have all this extra time in my day. And that’s something that I think a lot of people don’t realize until you make that jump.

Olivia: I completely agree. I mean you just you don’t know what you don’t know till you start really working with something as remarkable as a Pay Simple. I know for a lot of business owners, there’s some friction if they want to implement a new system or process that maybe their employees aren’t quite on the same bandwagon as they are. So do you have any suggestions for home service providers or service providers in general who want to pivot to Pay Simple, but are also combating the friction of maybe their employees are hesitant to start implementing it and are reluctant to use it?

Leah: Oh, yeah, that’s actually really important there, there must be a team buy in whenever there’s going to be some type of system change. And I would highly recommend, you know, testing it first taking maybe you’re one person in the accounting department or one person who handles all of the accounting and then one salesperson and let them work together and work out the kinks first, and try and pick somebody that’s influential in the company. Maybe they have seniority, maybe they are just kind of a cool guy in the company. It’s okay to pick that person. And then let them be the leader. It’s always an opportunity as well to help lift somebody up and give them a little bit more responsibility than they never had before or never thought that they would get. It’s a great way to empower them and let them be the leader and let them manage the change. It actually shows a lot for you as a business owner if you can do that

Brian: I think that’s great. And I’m my guess is you know, you’ve mentioned that the culture over at Pay Pimple. I’m guessing these words that you’re sharing, you know, have been imparted by the people surrounding you. Is that right?

Leah: Oh my gosh, I can’t even say no one talk. I feel like it’s rare that people can smile and say how much they love coming to work every day. I’m not being fake right now. This is I literally came back to Pay Simple and better with a really wonderful culture we have, we call the path board. So passion, Authenticity, more happiness and purpose. Those are the five major, you know, kind of sticking points for everyone at paste simple. And I do believe that we live those values. No one would be a part of this company if we didn’t. So if you want to learn more and just like be our friend anyway, we’d love to hang out with you guys.

Brian: Well, the pivot just the piggyback on that, you know, so if we’re, you know, you have a home service provider, you know, a lot of times either one or two, man or woman shows and, you know, sometimes three or four or five or six and, you know, but culture is so important, having a place that you can call home for workplace and enjoy your workplace. So, you know, how would you encourage, you know, one of our listeners that are thinking about how to improve their environment? You know, what are some tips that you Say, for them, you know, to take on for their own business?

Leah: That’s a great question. And Pay Simples really good about having these team outings. And it’s been a little bit different during COVID. So we I know, we will. So as a quick tip stand up on zoom. And I have to admit, in the beginning, we talked a lot about work, but now it’s really moved over that 10 minutes is just for the team to have fun and share jokes. And we always start off the day, what was the win from yesterday? What would be a win for today, and we need help from anybody on the team with anything and it has, I really have been even more collaboration across the team through that. And we’ve done really fun trivia nights with zoom. I can teach anybody on that if you want to it is a blast. But making sure that you’re not just a boss and you’re not just an employee that you have those moments where you get to truly bond and be an authentic human with each other because as we all saw with zoom, we’re now in each other’s living rooms. And there are kids, there are dogs. We are really in our at home life. And I think that that’s okay to bring that to the office. You don’t have to be you know, so stuff like be yourself and be fun because it’s way easier when you work like a family then as a kind of employee boss relationship.

Olivia: I mean, that’s just you can’t put a price on those kinds of things. And I feel like that’s something that is what makes the home service industry and just service provider so unique is that those small teams, they really are like family, and I mean, we’re a small team, and we’re like family, and I haven’t even been here for a full year yet. And I already feel like you know, I’ve known Brian and the rest of our team for years, and I’m the new girl on the totem pole. So it just goes to show that you really can’t put a price on values like that and you can’t. Like there’s no experience like quality experience and I think we need to pay take a page out Pay Simple book and start doing zoom trivia. Brian, can we can we hop on that?

Brian: You’re the, you’re supposed to be, you know, the extroverted. So go for it.

Olivia: Yes, I am the only extrovert.

Brian: So if something’s going to happen it’s got to be free from me, okay.

Olivia: Yeah, that’s true. I’m the only extrovert in our entire office and I am the self-appointed party social planner, because no one was willing to like, just be like, alright, let’s do that. So that’s what I’m up against over here in North Carolina join you but

Brian: We’ll join you, but like, you know, the whole concept of planning it, you know, and everything, you know, rides on your shoulders, no offense.

Olivia: It’s okay. I mean, now that I can zip line to the office where we’re off to a good start, I’ll be able to implement a lot more things. So to kind of pivot back away from our office plans. What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome in your position of pay? Simple? I mean, obviously, you were there, and then you decided to leave and come back. So are there been any valuable lessons or growing pains that you can share with our listeners that you’ve taken away during your time there?

Leah: Oh, yeah. I mean, that’s a really hard question. Actually. You know, when I left Pay Simple, I was a product expert, like I said before, so before I was on Hello. The use of CRM professional in general. And I’ve been very fortunate that as I came back for the second time, I’m now more I’m in business development management, so more on the outbound side. And that’s also been really cool for me personally. Because not only did Pay Simple offer the opportunity to develop in an inbound world, but then they have very willingly given me the opportunity to go out and kind of explore what it means to be an outbound sales rep. And there are so many systems that go into place on trying to automate processes and just having management that believes in you and encourages you and says, hey, yeah, you are smart. We know that you can do this, and taking your advice and say, Hey, this is how the processes are working for me right now. I think it could be more efficient if we did it this way. And then they say, yeah, let’s try it out. I think that’s probably one of the biggest things for any business owner, I would tell you, it’s like listen to your employees that are doing the day in day out and they will help you if they feel empowered.

Brian: I think that’s great, great advice. You know, something that we strive for, but you know, sometimes in the day to day you know, as a business owner, you get you get busy and you forget that, you know, we need to work as a team. And, you know, delegation is obviously something that is can be very hard for business owners, especially if it’s, you know, their baby, you know, something they started and you know, is right, you know, their entire families riding on it. And so, I think, but when you delegate and you hire the right people, I think things can be, you know, amazing. You know, I’m having my house renovated right now. And right in the middle of all, you know, this podcast, people going in and out my deck being built, I had plumbers here, and it’s been neat to be able to see, you know, home service providers, you know, at my house, doing this and some businesses that, you know, are really great businesses and, you know, the plumbing company that just left you know, I was just commenting to the owner how amazing their team members are, but then we’ve had other people through the house that you know, I’d rather never see again. And, you know, they really make a difference, you know, to the homeowner, when you can deal with, you know, amazing team members because, you know, if they’re not good employees, you know, with you that means they’re not going to be good employees in the home, when you know, they’re with a homeowner and you’re not there. And so, it makes a big difference. So, you know, I know that, you know, if someone is listening, they’re like, you know, hey, you know, how can I get involved? or How can I learn more about pay simple, so, you know, give, give our audience you know, just a little bit of information about how they can, you know, get just more information, jump on a call, you know, go to the website, etc,

Leah: Yeah, I mean, you guys can reach out to me directly. I’m always excited to talk about Pay Simple and more consults with your business to see if we’d even be a good fit. You can go to the website, its paysimple.com. We do have a 30 day free trial. So if anyone’s interested just to check it out. There’s no financial obligation that by any means you can just jump in there and play around with it. We can get you set up with a live demo with one of our product experts. They’re an awesome team. I see them every single day and I will give them the lowdown. And I will say just mentioned that you are on the (40:27.924 inaudible) podcast code, So let us know hey, we get about this on the homesteaders toolbox podcast, we will definitely make sure to take care of you guys.

Olivia: Well, our listeners I’m sure really appreciate that. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice little referral discount. So thank you for that on behalf of our listeners who might not be able to express it to you right now.

Leah: Cool, sounds like a plan.

Brian: Well, just as we wrap up, have you have any lasting thoughts you feel like, you know, our listeners could, you know, be valued or gain value from this from your experience at Pay Simple.

Leah: Have fun. I would say that, you know, it is very serious business, running a small business, especially when you have employees, customers, and you know your family’s income is depending on it. But just remember that in the end, you’re doing the best you can and don’t take everything so seriously. And if you need help ask for it. And you’d be surprised sometimes it’s your merchant provider that has awesome advice and can help make your life easier. And I of course think it’s going to be paid simple, but you know, if you guys need any help finding other resources as well, please reach out.

Brian: I think that’s great. I do want to add, you know, so many people think of merchant services and they immediately go to a bank and I have to encourage You know, just like for mortgages, you know, people go to a bank for a mortgage. And I want to encourage, if you’re listening, if you buy a house, go to a mortgage broker, because that’s what they do day in, day out. And just in the same way with merchant services, go to a company that they that this is all they do. Because you know, bank is great, and they’re very good at what they do. But when I had partnered with a bank to do merchant services, they’re outsourcing to someone else. And they do not just because you have great banking service doesn’t mean that you’re going to get great merchant services. And so I cannot say, you know, obviously, we’re customer Pay Simple, but please, you know, go the route of a merchant service company versus going direct to a bank, because you’ll get better service. I know if you pick the right one.

Olivia: Wow! Thank you so much for joining us. I feel like I’ve learned not just a lot about Pay Simple as a company, but also about their company culture about you as a person. And you’ve shared so many valuable resources and insight for our audience. And I mean, just the things that you guys are doing over there. Keep it up, like, I mean, obviously, we’re avid users over here at NIU, but it’s just it’s so encouraging to see and hear the passion you guys have for your customers and how driven you guys are, to make their lives simpler. I mean, it’s just, it’s wonderful. And we need more companies out there like you guys. So thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate you having me. It’s great chatting today. Yeah, if you guys need anything, let me know. I’m always here to chat merchant services. Companies out there like you guys so thank you so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it.

Leah: Thanks you for having me. It’s great chatting today. Yeah, if you guys need anything, let me know. I’m always here to chat merchant services

Brian: Well, we’re going to be taking a break as a podcast for the next couple weeks, and we’re going to be re-joining you all in August and we wanted to really work on the upcoming content as we look into the fall and the winter months of 2020. And we’re also going to be working on a side project that is specifically content surrounding how to pivot your business, and how to strengthen your business as we come out of the COVID series, season and how we really just take our business to the next level. So we’re excited about that. So for those that have been, you know, watching and following us diligently over the over the since February every week, thank you so much for being our loyal listeners. But we will be back with amazing content, mid-August, and we can’t wait to see you guys, then. So thank you so much. And if you are an avid listener, please we encourage you guys to check out us on all different platforms and leave us a review because the reviews is what gets our podcasts out. To more people, it’s not about us, but it’s really about helping our audience be able to grow their business and strengthen their own business with the resources that we’re providing on guests just like pay simple. So, thank you again, Leah, for being on our show and just being a great guest. Bye guys.